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Edward (Tank) Martin

Edward J. and Linda Martin

   Eddie and I met while I was in high school and Eddie was in the Marine Corp. We dated for a while and fell in love. After Eddie got out of the Marine Corp and I got out of high school, June 1963, we were married January 25, 1964.

   Our love brought us 3 wonderful sons, Eddie Jr., David, and John. We also have five grandchildren, Morgan, Casey, Stacy, Dustin, and David Jr..

   Eddie was a Steamfitter, Pipefitter by trade. Over the years Eddie had many operations (20).  In November of 1999 he had a gastric–by-pass, he weighted 400 lbs.  After years of losing weight it got so people would walk by him and not recognize Eddie.  He got down to 205, a good weight for him.

   Eddie over came many hurtles when it came to his health. He always had a smile and a good sense of humor. The doctors were always amazed at his quick recoveries and good attitude.

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Edward (Tank) Martin

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