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   I arrived at Oxon Hill High School in early November 1957. I was a transfer student from Narimasu High School in Grant Heights in Tokyo, Japan. My dad was stationed at Fuchu Air Base, Japan. My mom was seriously ill and the entire family was air evacuated to Walter Reed Army Hospital so that she could receive emergency treatment. The experience and move was chaotic, frightening, and unsettling. I was confused, angry, and disheartened by the events and came to OHHS with a horrible attitude. I knew that mom might die and that my plans to attend Sophia University in Tokyo would never occur. It was a bad start, and I made few friends that junior year. In a nutshell, I was miserable, unable to reach out, and very disappointed with life.

   Mom survived and dad got a temporary assignment at Bolling AFB. I began to adjust to school and made a few friends. I did well academically and applied to and was admitted to Washington Hospital Center School of Nursing in DC. Shortly thereafter, my folks received a permanent assignment to Hickam AFB in Hawaii and I was torn between remaining in the DC area or moving to Hawaii. I made my first career mistake.

   I stayed in DC and graduated from WHC in 1962. Those three years were tough because the hours were long, the subjects were hard, and I missed my family. I was a pretty sheltered person and the shock from the experiences seen in nursing school was difficult to absorb. The students were constantly rotated, worked long hours and on different shifts, and at different hospital sites. (I was positively impacted by the rotation to St. Elizabeth’s Hospital where I did my psychiatric rotation. A fascination with psychiatry continues to this day.) The house mothers were a royal pain and the food was not very good. All in all, if I had it to do over, I would have moved to Hawaii. After graduation, I did move to Hawaii, entering the University of Hawaii and working full time at Kuikini (Japanese) Hospital in their ICU and on medical/surgical units.

   I married a young Air Force Captain, John Carroll, and had two sons, John Michael and Martin. As a military family, we began to move. We moved often- to Hawaii, Georgia, New York, Kansas, Colorado, New Jersey, & Maryland, to name a few. John went to Vietnam in 1968 just prior to the Tet Offensive. He was in B-57 Canberra Night Fighters flying the Ho Chi Mien Trail, armed with four 20mm cannons, eight .50 caliber machine guns, up to 5,000 lb of external bombs, and four weapons pylons for bombs or rockets. It was rough duty. Those 16 months were hard on the family as well.

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   John made it back in one piece and was assigned to the Air Force Academy as part of the faculty in the Math & Science Department. We were there three years. It was a good assignment for all of us.

   While at the Academy, our sons played hockey, soccer, and learned to shot. I bought a couple of horses and a huge Doberman and trained them. The goal was to develop us into a mounted rescue team. I went to art school for three years. After a few more moves, John was stationed at Andrews AFB in the 89th Airlift Wing as a member of the group that flies the president and other dignitaries. This was John’s dream assignment and his last one. He retired as a Lt.Col., deciding to remain in Maryland so that our son’s would not have to move again. They graduated from Bowie High School and went on to Texas Christian University (John Michael) and St. Joseph’s College (Martin) in Illinois. After retiring, John taught math at Episcopal High School in Alexandria, Va., where he remained for twenty years.

   The boys are both military men. John Michael is a pilot and a Major in the Air Force stationed in Qatar in Special Operations. Martin retired recently from the Army as a Lt.Col specialty area was in Ordinance. They are good golfers, like motor cycles and big trucks, and grew into fine men.

    Meanwhile, I worked at regional hospitals in this area for many years, and went back to school, completing a BSN at Bowie State University, a MSN in psychiatric nursing at UMD School of Nursing in Baltimore, and finally, a PhD in philosophy at UMD at College Park. I am a member of the faculty at UMD School of Nursing in Baltimore, teaching psychiatric nursing and holistic nursing. As a holistic instructor, my training as a Usui Reiki Master and a Karuna Reiki Master and practicing Transcendental Meditation for about 35 years comes in handy. I am board certified as a Psychiatric Mental Health Clinical Nurse Specialist and a Clinical Specialist Psychotherapist in the State of Maryland.

    I grow roses, read a lot, enjoy eating good food, like to challenge my students, and enjoy the company of my husband of 46 years. These fifty years was an interesting journey.

Jan Carroll, PhD, PMH/CNS, BC, CS-P
Clinical Faculty
University of Maryland, School of Nursing
Department of Family and Community Health
655 West Lombard Street, Room 572
Baltimore, MD, 21201-1579
Fax 410 706 0401
Cell: 301.512.9311


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