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April 25, 1927 - April 11, 2017

Crescenze, Edward Paul, Obituary - 001


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January 16, 1941 - January 19, 2014


<e-Mail, 1/27/2014, John and Sherry Kirby>

From: John & Sherry Kirby
Sent: Mon, Jan 27, 2014 8:44 am
Subject: Jim Ford's Passing

     Sherry and I have been away for awhile and are just now able to email you all about Jim Ford's passing on Sunday the 19th.

Here is a message from his family:

On Jan 21, 2014, at 10:28 PM, Adrienne Mauntel wrote:

Dear Friends & Family,

     I'm assuming by now you have heard of dad's passing Sunday night.
Thank you so much for all of your phone calls, prayers and food! We thank you for all of your support these past months. We have felt your love. As sad as we are, we know he is in a better place now and are happy he went peacefully.

     Dad's funeral mass will be held at 10:30 am this Saturday at St. Francis by the Sea Catholic Church on Hilton Head Island (45 Beach City Road 29926).

     Following his burial, we hope you will join us at Indigo Hall for lunch and a toast to dad!

          Our thanks,
          Valerie, Adrienne & Bryan

     We know the class of OHHS '59 will have fond memories of our times with Jim.

           John and Sherry


New and Improved

OHHS 2013 Gazette Article - 001

OHHS 2013 Gazette Article - 002



with Link to Complete Article

Tydings, Wash Post Obit, 11-21-2013 - 001


<e-Mail, 11/2/2013, John and Sherry Kirby>

  Hi Joyce, We were talking with Ann Childress Farson this morning, bringing her up to date on John Tydings' illness.  Ann thought you might like to know too.  It is a very rare disease, one case in a million persons.  A very short time from onset until death.  Sherry and I visited for a couple hours with John yesterday.  If you get a chance, Google C-J Disease.

  Do you have our new address and phone numbers?  John and Sherry Kirby, 604 Leathers Lane, Etlan, Virginia 22719, 540-923-4194

If you would like to mail John a "thinking of you" card, his address is 9461 Turnberry Drive, Potomac, Maryland 20854

PS Other class mates, we've copied you our email to Joyce.  As you will see if you Google, Creutzfeldt-Jacob Disease has a zero chance of survival, therefore no "Get Well" cards.  But a note or card to let John you are thinking of him, would brighten his day.


<Obituary C. William (Bill) Johnson>

Obit C. William Johnson - 001


<e-Mail, 3/10/2013, Tom Masy >

Ray and Jack,

There is now a web page on Caringbridge.org for Mr. J. You can go to CaringBridge and create a sign on then you can view and send messages to Mr. J. and see others emails and pictures, also his health status updates from his Daughter, Susan Barbour.. The web site address is below.


If you would put this info on your websites I know Mr. J. would appreciate it and love to hear from "his kids" in the class of 1959 and 1960.

Many thanks,
Tom May


<Article  3/7/2013, The Washington Post>

   OHHS Change of Street Name, 3-7-2013 - 001


OHHS Change of Street Name, 3-7-2013 - 002


OHHS 61 Class icon - 001

Oxon Hill High School
Class Of 1961



We just received the below email from Richard Taylor regarding the deteriorating health of our beloved Teacher and Band Director, C. William Johnson, known affectionately to all of us as "Mr. J". We know he would appreciate a card because he always loved hearing from "his kids". Keep Mr. J and his family in your thoughts and prayers this Christmas and Holiday Season.


Bill Johnson's health has been deteriorating recently and he has chosen to place himself on hospice care. His leukemia is accelerating, his post-op shoulder problems have left him incapacitated, and gout in his wrist has made it very difficult for him to answer the phone. He no longer will receive the transfusions he has been getting for his leukemia, and his daughter, Susie, has been told that his life expectancy is measured in weeks to several months. He welcomes cards and letters.

Mr. J's mailing address is as follows:
C. William Johnson
c/o Susan Barbour
16003 Leigh Canyon Drive
Friendswood, TX 77546

We will try to keep you up to date when Bill's condition changes. In the meantime, offer him your prayers, and well wishes. He has been an inspiration to all of us!


Stan Weimer
Frank Hudson
Richard Taylor
Laurel LaCivita
Pam Pyles Stanard
Vernon Choate
Marshall Smith


<e-Mail 3/19/2012, James (Jim) Garrett>

  On January 16, 2012 our class co-sponsor Mr. Bush passed away in Maryville, TN.


Bush, Nicholas Obituary - 001


<e-Mail from Joe (Cookie) Nash, 2/27/2012
Composite of two forwarded e-Mails
from Shelton Meade and Edward Vest


Matthews, Coach James- 001r

Sorry to inform you of the passing of a PG Country Coach/Teacher, Football Official/ Softball Umpire and friend, James Matthews.

Jimmy taught History and coached basketball, and girls softball in PG County(Oxon Hill HS) for over 35 years.

I had the pleasure of coaching girl’s softball with him at Oxon Hill HS. Jimmy moved to NC after retiring from teaching in the late 90’s.

However, he continued to officiate HS football and softball. Jimmy was “OLe School”(i.e, crew cut), and one of a kind. We all will miss him.

Bill I haven’t seen an obit yet, but was informed by a former Oxon Hill Softball player.

Shelton Meade

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

This is the information regarding the death of James R. Matthews.
He passed away on Wednesday, February 22, 2012.

His wife's name is Mary Ann.

Address is as follows:
58 White Pine Circle
Fletcher, NC 28732

The details for the Memorial Service are as follows:

Monday, February 27, 2012
6:00 p.m.
Skyland Methodist Church
1984 Hendersonville Road
Skyland, NC 28803

I worked with Jim at Oxon Hill HS from 1959 - 1965. He was the football coach at that time. An avid bowler, great teacher and a wonderful person.


E. Vest


<Forwarded e-Mail, 12/2011, Ron Roland (‘60)>
This is an adjusted version of an e-Mail sent to Tom May
concerning our OHHS Band Director, Mr. William (Bill) Johnson,
and previously inserted in the OHHS 1961 Class Web site
by Tom and Mary Ann (‘61) May

  My name is Ron Roland, and I live in Dickinson Texas.  I attended Oxon Hill High School.  I am a member of the Class of 1960.  I have an old friend down the road from me, that is in an assisted living home.  We meet up every week or two and talk old times and listen to music.  His name is Bill Johnson and he used to be our band director.  He is away from his old stomping grounds and his health isn't that good and his memories are failing at times.  He spends most of his days in his room listening to his Boze Radio and CD player.  He talks of the old days and the old band which he says was his best.  He plays CD's that he has kept and those that were given to him by friends, such as Lora McDonald with the Capitol Woodwind Quintet.  He tells stories of giving music lessons to some of the old students and charging at times as little as $1.00 for a lesson. He tells me he didn't want to make everyone a musician, but wanted everyone to enjoy music.  That was his goal.

  Ray Wockley and I grew up together as neighbors, Ray sent me the Class of 59 Website.  I read your [Tom May’s in the ‘59 Website] great story of life growing up in Oxon Hill.  I also walked down that hill to the High School with my coronet in hand for band practice with Mr. Johnson, and as you said in your story, what a special person he was [is].  I copied the story and gave it to Bill to read.  He read it over and over and thanked me so much for giving it to him.  It meant a lot to him.  He talked of you and others in the band.   So I sent him other stories that I copied from your Website, like David Dalgren and Lora McDonald.  Susan, Bill’s daughter which visits him pretty much every day tells me David keeps in touch with her. Bill has told me a few times he hasn't heard from too many people but would very much like to.  His memory is dead on in some areas, but is lacking in others and he knows this.  We talk about it.  He tells me its his age. 84.  Although he told me he was born in 1923.  The numbers don't add up but I don’t really care.  So I am asking you to please get in touch with him, and if you already have and he forgot, please forgive him.  Since Nancy passed away a few months ago and his knee replacements going bad, leaving him in a wheelchair, and in an area where he doesn’t really know that many people, he's a bit depressed and would love to hear from people that meant something in his life.  He gave me permission to give out his address and phone number to his students. If you could please ask others to write or give him a call anytime.  This would make him so happy.  Thank you so much.

Charles William Johnson
Baywind Village
411 Alabama Ave #212
League City, TX    77573

Thank You So Much.

Ron Roland


<Forwarded e-Mail 12/12/2011, Karin Kovacic-Ryan>

From: jack brown <ohhs1960@live.com>
To: Steven Skolochenko
Sent: Sun, December 11, 2011 2:42:32 PM
Florida OHHS Classmates Mini-Reunion and Birthday Party for Dick Blohm - Update #8

Just returned from a visit with Dick Blohm in Port St. Lucie and we toured the Holiday Inn, Sonny's and the River Lilly. 
It's the perfect setting for relaxing and enjoying a weekend of fun in the Sun. 
Questions = call or email

Looks like our crew will fill the ship January 12th.  
We're still in the market for you to make Muster!  
Hit ' Reply'  and let us know!     even if you can't be there!

   January 11th  =  Arrive in Holiday Inn Port St. Lucie  Check-In  3:00pm at Hotel

                                       10120 S. FEDERAL HIGHWAY

                                       Hotel Front Desk: 772-337-2200 
                                       GATWICK's Cozy Lounge open 5:00PM - 8:00PM
                                       Casual dining, Dinner served - American cuisine. Located inside the
Holiday Inn
                January 12th  =  Breakfast @ Hotel  @  9:00am  (Birthday Breakfast for
Dick Blohm)

                January 12th  =  River Lilly  Jungle Cruise  @  1:00pm   (Just like the one
Barbara Cole Woodson organized)
                January 12th  =  Sonny's BBQ  @  6:00pm         (Mini - Reunion for OHHS Alumni)
                January 13th  = 
Friday the 13th u'r on your own!

OK Clippers, by responding to this  and marking your calendars, we will be together in Port St. Lucie on January 12, 2012
Here's a list of  shipmates that may be there.   If you have addresses or emails for classmates, please pass them on...
This party depends on your response to this email:   confirm your intentions
. (  Red = have confirmed )

1958  Leo Cecchini 

1959  Karin Kovacic Ryan  +  Joe BoucherJimmy Miller,  Mary Snelling,  Bev McKay ,  Wayne Hilmer, Thomas Guinn

1960  Judith   Blanton - Boudreaux  +  Ellis ,  'Richard  Blohm' ,  Dennis Brewer + Jane ,  Jack  Brown  +  Valerie Stewart Nancy Catania - Chiaro  +  Paul ,  Maurice  Cecchini  +  Terri ,  Billy Chatman ,   Barbara  Cole  Woodson ,  Bill Fallin + Kathie ,     Elizabeth Foster ,  Jean  Gaulden Yebba  +  Carmen ,   Sandra Goettker - Foote,  Charles  Headley  +  BettyHelen Holmes - Terry  +  Roy (1959),  Stephen Lambeth  (no computer) ,  Pamela  Peacock - Bawgus ,   Mel Roth,   Jim Secrist + Lucy ,   Mary  Shegogue - (Molly) - Poff  +  Charles ,  Richard  Thacker  +  SherrySteven Skolochenko Michael Sherwood , President  +  Kathy (1962) ,  Tommy Todd  +  Mary Jane ,   Brenda Trainum  -  Whalen ,   Danny Van Wormer  +  Mary Jane (1962)Roberta Yorkoff (1962), Robert Wallich  ,   Bill Wesson  +  Carole Rowe ParkerRoss  Wright  +  Pat

1961  Bob Stone + MaryPatricia Blanchard McReady ,  Sharon Norris .

Hit ' Reply'  and let us know!     even if you can't be there!

OHHS 1960:    Jack Brown   954-557-4496


<Facebook Contact, 7/31/2011>
<from Jack Brown ‘60 to Sandra Fletcher Hanbury>

Guss, Maynard of Sunrise, FL, OHHS Class of 1959 passed away on May 2, 2011.  Beloved husband of Flora; cherished uncle of Jason Flax, devoted brother of the late Harriet Flax; beloved son of the late Bella and Carl.


<e-Mail 4/8/2011, John Kirby>

Ray, Thought you might like to add a current photo of Joe to our Oxon Hill '59 web pages. John

-----Original Message-----
From: Joseph Perez
To: John Kirby; Carl Reeves
Sent: Wed, Apr 6, 2011 11:13 pm
Subject: Staying In Touch

Hi Guys,
Hope all is well with everyone.
Becky and I were on vacation in Guam last month. Would like to share a few pictures that we took.
We had fabulous time, even though we had a tsunami warning on the day that Japan had the earthquake.

Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Your Pal,

Perez - 001


David Ronald Tilch

August 20, 1941 - February 18, 2011

On Friday February 18, 2011; the beloved husband of Carol Tilch; Father of David R. and his wife Kristi Tilch, Jr.; grandfather of Kaylee and Landon Tilch; Brother of Emma Johnson, June Berry, Bernard Tilch , Jr., Nancy Morre and the late Gladys Fields, Sgt Philip Wayne Tilch, USAF and John Richard Tilch, Sr. He is also survived by many other relatives and friends. Family and friends are invited to Ronnie's Life Celebration on Sunday February 27 from 2-4 and 6-8p at the George P. Kalas Funeral Home, P.A., 6160 Oxon Hill Rd., Oxon Hill, MD. Funeral services will be held on Monday at 1pm at St. John's Episcopal Church Broad Creek, 9801 Livingston Rd., Ft. Washington, MD. Interment Church Cemetery. In lieu of flowers contribution may be to either the American Cancer Society, 11331 Amherst Ave., Silver Spring, MD 20902 or Capital Hospice, 9200 Basil Ct., Suite 200, Largo, MD 20774. Ronnie was also the owner of Bunker Hill Inn in Waldorf, MD for many years.


<e-Mails 2/19/2011, Steve Moore, John Kirby
& Sandy Fletcher-Hanbury>

I just got a message from Carol Tilch.
Ronnie passed away tonight Feb. 18, 2011.
I will know more about the funeral Sunday night.


<A Call from Gail Shaw-Cameron 12/17/2010>

  Gail reported that Regina Anne Chaney-Andagan’s daughter had called her to report that Anne had passed away on December 15, 2010.  Anne’s obituary can be found in the The Journal, Martinsburg, WV.

  The link to the obituary is http://www.journal-news.net/page/content.detail/id/553119/Regina-A--Andagan.html?nav=5007.  There is a link at the funeral home to leave a comment concerning the loss for the family.


<Updated Web Page 12/14/2010>

   Art Kendall forwarded forty (40) more pictures of the 50th Reunion.  They are the last pictures in the linked 50th Reunion Photos.

  If there are any other pictures you might have and want to share, they will be gladly uploaded to the Class Web Site.

  A little information and request for help...  When you get to the 50th Reunion Photo Gallery (Thumbnail Page), if you click on any of the Thumbnail Photos it will take you to the Complete/Full Photo with a Photo ID at the top, identification information at the bottom, and “Left”, “Right” and “Up” arrow icons at the top.  Once at the Complete/Full Photo the arrow icons link to previous and next Complete/Full Photos, and the up arrow icon links to the Thumbnail Page.  There are also icons at the bottom (<???>) of the Complete Photo when an individual was not readily identified.  If you can ID any of these individuals or find any mistakes, let us know and it will be corrected.


<Updated Web Page 11/18/2010>

  The “On the Charts” page, which contains links to other Web Sites concerning other OHHS reunions, OHHS public site, speciality sites (i.e. Take Me Back to the Fifties), etc. has been undated.  Take a look.....


<Information Received 11/17/2010>

  Art Kendall forwarded a picture of the “Other Coast’s” substitute for the Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab.  Art stated it only takes only 1.5 for a meal.

Art Kendall & Dungeness crab - 001


<Information Received 9/21/2010>

  Information has been recently received concerning Roy M. Terry’s election bid for the Naples (Collier County), FL school board.  You can get a better picture of Roy’s election effort at his Web site, www.electroyterry.com.  Additionally, current information concerning Roy’s voyage through the past 50 years can be found in the Mate’s Log section of this Web site.


<e-Mail 7/6/2010, John Kirby>

   Hi Ray, In reading a book, Land With No Sun: A Year in Vietnam With the 173rd, by Ted Arthur, I came upon a reference to our classmate, Stanley Newman Jones. Actually he was mentioned many. times. He was a radioman assigned to an Lt. Col.

   Unfortunately he is now deceased.
Name: Stanley Newman Jones
Birth Date: 19 Nov 1940
Death Date: 7 Mar 2005
Cemetery: Santa Fe National Cemetery, Cemetery Address: 501 North Guadalupe Street P. O. Box 88 Santa Fe, NM 87501, Buried At: Section 14 Site 575 - Name: Stanley N. Jones , SSN: 219-36-9627, Last Residence:Cimarron, Colfax, New Mexico 87714, Born: 19 Nov 1940, Died: 7 Mar 2005, State (Year) SSN, Issued: Maryland (1956)

    Sorry it isn't better news, but thought you might update the web site.



Stanley N. Jones



Last Residence:

87714 Cimarron, Colfax, New Mexico


19 Nov 1940


7 Mar 2005

State (Year) SSN issued:

Maryland (1956)




Susan Male-Yobst - 014 - Church Service


From: Richard Yobst
Sent: Mon, Jun 7, 2010 6:00 am

Susan is no longer in pain or suffering. She went home with the Lord shortly before midnight on Sunday, June 6.


From: Multiple Sources (John Kirby and Jim Garrett)
Sent: Wed, 6/9/2010 11:08:06 AM

The services for Susan are going to be Friday. "The service for Susan will be held at Christ United Methodist Church at 2 pm on Friday, June 11. The Church address is 211 Phillip Morris Dr., Salisbury, Md. 21804. Donations may be made to the Salisbury Coastal Hospice. Cards may be sent to Derek Yobst, 9255 Hickory Mill Rd, Salisbury, Md 21801" - "Coastal Hospice & Palliative Care, Po Box 1733, Salisbury, MD 21802".


From: Richard Yobst
Sent: Wed, 6/9/2010 9:39:11 AM

Rich later wrote concerning the obituary: "It was written by my daughter - Dana."


  Susan Male Yobst, 68, went home to be with her Lord on June 6, 2010. After a courageous battle with cancer, Susan passed away peacefully at Coastal Hospice at the Lake in Salisbury, Maryland with her two children by her side.

  Susan, the eldest of six children, was born in Pennsylvania to the late Walter and Ruth Male. She graduated from the American University School of Nursing (Sibley) in 1962 and moved to Salisbury in 1964. A registered nurse in multiple disciplines of medicine, Susan’s career was secondary to motherhood. As a dedicated mother, Susan logged endless hours on the bleachers of her children’s games and instilled in them the confidence to follow their dreams.

  In addition to her love of family, she will be remembered for her zest for life, gregarious nature, and deep Christian faith. Susan exemplified her faith as a teacher at Women’s Sunday School, a speaker at Christian Women’s Clubs and Conferences, and by sharing her testament to Christ, her Savior, and the difference He made in her life.

Embracing a keen sense of adventure, Susan was fortunate enough to travel in her later years to all of the World’s continents, visiting many remote areas, backpacking, and scuba diving. Fascinated by foreign cultures, she said, “A smile is universal”, which is appropriate, given her beautiful smile and contagious laughter.

  She is survived by two children, her daughter Dana, who lives in San Francisco, CA and her son, Derek, who resides in Salisbury, MD with his wife Kim and their daughter Samantha Riley, who was a great joy for her “Mum-Mum”. Susan is also survived by three sisters and two brothers, Diane Bley of VA; Louise Mathews and husband Bernard of TX; Rebecca Link and husband James of VA; Clyde Male and wife Judy of WI; Jonathan Male of MD; and her former husband of 37 years, Richard Yobst of MD.

  In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by her brother-in-law Paul Bley and nephew Andrew Bley.

  A giving nurse, Susan donated her body to the Maryland Anatomical Board to advance medical education and research.

  A celebration of her life will be held on Friday, June 11, 2010 at 2 pm at Christ United Methodist Church in Salisbury, MD. The family will receive guests at 1:30 pm. Susan’s celebration request was that you “hug someone you love and smile at someone you don’t know.” In lieu of flowers, please make donations to Coastal Hospice at the Lake; 315 Deer’s Head Hospital Road; Salisbury, MD 21801; www.coastalhospice.org.


<e-Mail 6/11/2010, Joseph Perez>

  {John Kirby} Thanks for responding so quickly. So, where was I all these years.? Well, here goes.

  From Oxon Hill, MD, I went to Des Moines, Iowa to attend Drake University. I got married in Des Moines . After having lived in Des Moines for eight years, we moved to San Jose, CA. I have a married daughter and a grandson.

  I am now a retired Clinical Medical Technologist (Microbiology Department) from a Regional Medical Center in San Jose. Shortly after my retirement, we sold our home and moved to Lincoln, CA. We are now living in Sun City Lincoln Hills, an active adult retirement community.


<e-Mail 3/10/2010, Jack Brown OHHS 1960>

   Clippers, here's the update on our 50th Reunion plans. Set aside the weekend of October 23rd, 2010..
   Mark your calendars and plan to be somewhere in the Chesapeake Bay area. Skully and several shipmates will be searching for a location that will meet our needs... If you have suggestions please pass them along. We'll be looking for those of us with special skills to help with Photography, Name Tags, Hosting, and assisting where needed...
   We have had several suggested activities and request for special needs. For those Classmates traveling
by land, sea or air and would like to team-up with another 'lost' soul = let us know, we'll make every effort to pair you up...
We have not addressed Cost, yet.. When our activities and location are established, you'll be notified.  If you have contact with interested shipmates, who are not part of the electronic age, please call or write them.
Everyone will be welcome!

p.s. if you've already packed your bags, don't forget your Digital or Video camera. Bring old and current pictures (with identification) to display.

OHHS 1960: Jack Brown 954-557-4496


<e-Mail 2/28/2010, Jim Miller and Susan Barnhart>

Susan Male-Yobst has called in hospice care. It is only a matter of time.
Please keep her in your prayers.


<e-Mail 1/14/2010, Jim Garrett>

Hi Everyone,

Your thoughts and prayers for Susan Male Yobst may very well have been answered. She has been accepted into a clinical trial at J. Hopkins for her stage of liver cancer. She indicated to me in her latest email that she feels that all of your prayers have helped and that we're all with her during this treatment.

She's very thankful for your prayers for her recovery.  Keep the good thoughts coming.

Best Wishes to All,



<e-Mail 9/23/2009, Jack Brown ‘60 OHHS>

F Y I OHHS 1960

Jack: Please pass the message on to your classmates
there will be a memorial service for Gerry Talton-Kay on November 15th at 3:00 pm at:

St James Parish Church
222 8th St NE, Washington, DC
(202) 546-1746

Thank you.
Jean C.


<e-Mail 9/23/2009, Jack Brown ‘60 OHHS>

Just wanted to let you know I spoke to Gerry Talton-Kay for nearly four hours two weeks ago and then again on September 14 for about 20 minutes. Spent a great deal of time talking to many hospital employees, but finally was able to convince a nurse to hold the phone for Gerry Kay on the 14th. I did most of the talking during this conversation. Although, nearing the end she did more talking. She asked that I convince all her friends from high school, and I believe she had many, to have a HUGE party IN HER HONOR. She said weakly and with much effort that this request was very important. Isn't is odd how high school friends become so very important near the end of your life? She told me over and over how much she loved me and how appreciative she was that I called again. I made an attempt on her birthday the 17th but this time was unsuccessful.

During our very long conversation she spoke of nearly everyone of our classmates, and most of this list. Believing high school friends were more important than those of college as many more years and much more time is spent with the same gals and guys, and bonds are formed. Makes sense, huh????
Carol Rowe


Valeria called Jean Clevenstine last night to tell us that Gerry Talton-Kay passed away on Tuesday, Sept. 15th. She doesn't believe that there will be any services in the D.C. area, she's being cremated then she's going to be buried in Florida around the Daytona area. I have asked her once she knows the details to let me know so that I can forward them over to you.


If any of the classmates would like to write something about Gerry Talton-Kay, I told Valeria that I would mail them to her so that they could be shared and read at the burial. So if you get any, send them my way.


OHHS 1960: Jack Brown 954-557-4496 or ohhs1960@hotmail.com


<e-Mail 8/21/2009, Jim Garrett>

Hi Ray,

My day has been brightened! You're right 7 is very good, but I also like 9 and 11.

I spoke to Sandy Hanbury on 9/15 to find out when she is scheduled for hip replacement surgery at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore and it looks like 9/22. She also told me that Susan (Male) Yobst had surgery for liver cancer recently. It was discovered while they were looking for some other ailment. Sandy said Jim Miller knows more about the situation so I'm going to try to contact him by phone. His email address keeps coming back as not working. If you have a different email address than the one on the list you gave me email it to me.

Hope you got the farm plowed and that you and Marilyn are doing ok after watching the grandchildren. I still want to go fishing with you and a group of our classmates. I haven't heard from Tom Warner so I may give him a call. Have you seen him recently?

I had lunch with Gordon Clow and John Tydings on 9/15 and we covered the reunion with John for a couple of hours. He's sorry he missed it but had already made plans.

Best Wishes,


<e-Mail 8/21/2009, Anne Chaney-Andagan>

Gail Cameron called the hospital and Fran is still in the Coronary Care ICU as of today. Her surgery was Tuesday AM.  The hospital phone number if anyone wants to call is 1-847-437-5500.

The hospital is located in Elk Grove, IL near where Fran's daughter lives.

We have no other news on how the surgery went.

Anne Andagan


<e-Mail 8/11/2009, Anne Chaney-Andagan>

Just received a call from Fran who is visiting her daughter outside of Chicago. Fran is in the hospital and they will not let her out. She had some problems and did some tests and she is having Triple by pass surgery and surgery to fix a leaking mitral valve in her heart. This will be done Friday and she will stay in the hospital for a while after that. From experience I can say she will be much better once the surgery is performed and she has time to heal and get some Cardiac Rehab. It is a good thing is is with her daughter because she sure cannot be alone. I told her I would let as many of you know as possible and for those of you that will, please keep Fran in your prayers on Friday.


Anne Chaney Andagan


<Web Site 50th Reunion Update

   Updates are currently being posted to the 50th Reunion Web Page.  If you who attended the reunion have any pictures that you would like posted in the Web Site for other class members to view, you can contact Ray Wockley at wockley6@mindspring.com to make arrangements to have the pictures posted.

   There are a number of names missing from the 50th Reunion pictures already posted.  Any help you can give in identifying the individuals in the 50th Reunion or actually any of the posted pictures would greatly be appreciated.


<e-Mail 6/24/2009, Clarence McKinley>


   My intent has been to attend the Reunion, but due to an unforeseen conflict in events at this time we will be unable to attend.  Please convey my regrets to your classmates.  Also, the enclosed profile provides insight as to how the future evolved for one of their teachers.

1955-1962 - OHHS Faculty
1956 - Married Eunice Ann Hatfield whom I had met the previous summer while we were pursuing graduate degrees at West Virginia University. 
1957-1962 - Series of National Science Foundation fellowships during the Post Sputnik Era led to enhancement of my Science and Education Qualifications. Federal funding resulted in extensive Physics and Science teaching equipment at the new OHHS.
1962-1984 - Supervisor of Instruction in Mathematics and Science within the Wicomico County School System (Office - Salisbury, MD)
Family - 3 children, 6 grandchildren, 1 great grandchild
1984 - Retirement after 30 year career as an Educator.
1994 - (Eunice) Retirement after 30 year career in Elementary Education.
1996 - Relocated to residence on Chesapeake Bay near Salisbury, MD (Designed and contracted by my wife and myself)

   I would enjoy being contacted by any of my former students.

Clarence P. McKinley.
20925 Wharf Rd., Bivalve, MD 21814-0106
E-mail: HighlandPines@webtv.net
Phone: 410 873-2925


<e-Mail 5/3/2009, Sandy Fletcher Hanbury>

   Hi everyone.  Just did an analysis of the numbers on RSVPs and this is it:  98 people coming, 61 of whom are classmates.  I suspect we will still have some late comers.  Hope everyone is well.



<e-Mail 4/9/2009, John Kirby>

Hey, Clippers. I just heard from Cecil and he has a major surprise.World renown Redskin player, John Riggins, is coming to our reunion and will give a speech. If you don't know who he is? He was a stellar player and probably one of the most colorful funny Redskins of all time. I have no doubt that his appearance will be hilarious. However, he has requested NO AUTOGRAPHS. Cecil continues to amaze in his successful efforts to make the reunion extra special. Don't forget to send your rsvp's to me along with a check for $25 ($25 per person). So far we have had an amazing response. Sandy Hanbury

John Riggins - 001r        John Riggins - 002r           John Riggins - 003r


<e-Mail 3/29/2009, Sherry Muir & John Kirby>

Hello fellow Clippers,

This message is being sent to all of you classmates from OHHS '59. If you have already responded to Sandy's letter about asking for a RSVP and/or $25.00 for registering and sundry minor expenses related to food and drinks at the hospitality suite, then ignore this message. If you "have not" given Sandy a RSVP as yet, please do by the end of April. She is trying to get a final estimate for the number of attendees. Cecil will need this approximate number for the Hilton Hotel to accommodate us for the Saturday evening, June 27th, party.

Also, anyone still needing rooms at the Dulles Hilton Hotel at the special $89.00 rate, please register with Maggie at Maggie.Boshra@dulleshilton.com If you think you might need a room or rooms, go ahead and register. If your last minute plans changed, you can always cancel three days before the date. Take advantage of the special $89.00 rate Cecil has negotiated.

Looking forward to seeing you at the reunion,

Sherry Muir and John Kirby


<Edward (Tank) Martin, 3/21/2009>

Edward (Tank) Martin - 004


<e-Mail 3/19/2009, John Kirby>


   There has been a change in this Saturday's viewing and funeral services for Ed "Tank" Martin. Church and all is the same, but the viewing time has been moved forward one-half hour, 10:30 to 12:30, and the funeral mass will now start at 12:30. Hope to see you there, John


<e-Mail 3/17/2009, John Kirby>

    In the below email, I forgot to include the date of the services.  It will be this next Saturday, March 21st.  Also several have asked for Linda Martin"s contact information. It is 327 Saint Mary’s Avenue, Unit "7-B", LaPlata, Maryland 20646, Phone number - 301.934.2867

Dear Classmates and Friends,

   It is with so, so much sadness that I inform you that our classmate, "Tank", Ed Martin, passed away yesterday afternoon, apparently of a stroke.  For those of you that did not know it, Ed lost his older brother, "Fuzzy", Francis M Martin, OHHS '55, earlier this year, and then two weeks ago, Ed very unexpectedly lost his son David.  Ed's wife, Linda, told me she thinks that loosing their son, worked so hard on Ed, it contributed to the stroke

   Here are the intended funeral details; Ed will be laid out for viewing from 11 AM until 1 PM at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church, 201 Saint Marys Avenue, La Plata, Maryland 20646.  Funeral mass will commence at one o'clock.  Ed, per his wishes, will be cremated, thus there will not be any grave side services.

   In lieu of flowers, Ed, Linda and family suggest for anyone wishing to contribute, make a donation to the Charles County Rescue Squad, Inc., P. O. Box 40, La Plata, Maryland 20646-0040.  The squad has been very helpful to the Martin family's needs.

Wish I had better news, John


<e-Mail 3/5/2009, Sandy Fletcher Hanbury>

John, relative to our conversation re Richard's difficulty in making hotel reservations I have called our contact there and our classmates should proceed as follows. The problem is that Hilton will only set up a block of 10 rooms at a time. Apparently the Hilton sales manager was not informed that we had used up the initial block already. Therefore, if you don't mind please send out an e-mail with these instructions;

BECAUSE THERE HAS BEEN SOME DIFFICULTY WITH THE RESERVATION DESK AT THE HOTEL PLEASE MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS DIRECTLY WITH MAGGIE AT THE DULLES HILTON. HER DIRECT DIAL NUMBER IS 703-834-1991. E-MAIL IS MAGGIEBOSHRA@DULLESHILTON.COM "<mailto:MAGGIE.BOSHRA@DULLESHILTON.COM> . BLOCKS OF ROOMS ARE SET ASIDE FOR "OXON HILL HIGH SCHOOL REUNION." IF THERE ARE ANY PROBLEMS WITH HER PLEASE CONTACT DEBBIE IN CECIL'S OFFICE AT 703-631-2217 OR E-MAIL DEBBIE@PRUITTCORP.COM. SHE WILL TROUBLESHOOT FOR US WITH THE HOTEL. I don't think Debbie works everday so if you don't get a call back right away be patient. She's really detail oriented and will get the job done. John K will be leaving the country at the end of March so please call Sandy Hanbury 202-253-9866 after March 30th if you need something. I'm still recovering but hopefully will be in the swing of things by the end of the month.

Meanwhile, try to collect pictures that can be scanned into the web site and if you have some of your report cards that would be fun to include.


<e-Mail 3/1/2009, Lou Bougie (Teacher)>

From: Louis Bougie [mailto:loumarbougie@sbcglobal.net]
Sent: Sunday, March 01, 2009 12:28 PM
To: Farson, Ann
Subject: Student Council

I must say that I still remember what a delightful president you were, you made being faculty adviser a year long pleasure. I trust the Reunion will be a smashing success. Express my regrets at not being able to attend, but I must say that the OHHS class of 1959 was one to remember. Lou Bougie


<e-Mail 3/2/2009, John Kirby>

OHHS '59 Class 50th Reunion

Regarding making reservations at the Hilton Hotel - Dulles
Telephone (703) 478-2900 Tuesday thru Friday 9 am to 5 pm
or Saturday 10 am to 5 pm Eastern time
Ask for Maggie
Rooms are blocked under "Oxon Hill High School Reunion"


<e-Mail 3/1/2009, Sandy Fletcher Hanbury/John Kirby>





<e-Mail 11/18/200, Sandy Fletcher Hanbury/John Kirby>

Hello Clippers, Class of 1959

     The reunion date has been changed. The May 23rd date did not work for too many of our class, so Cecil and Sandy have changed it to the last weekend in June. The location is the same - Hilton Hotel Washington Dulles Airport.  I think everything else is the same from before.

     Cecil Pruitt has very graciously and generously agreed to sponsor our class reunion at the Hilton Hotel at Washington Dulles Airport. The date for the reunion is June 27th, 2009. For those wishing to spend the night at the hotel rooms will be available at $85.00 per night for a single or double.

     There will be a cocktail party with an open bar; buffet dinner and a terrific band for dancing on our private dance floor. We will have the entire third floor area for the reunion.

     No decision on the Sunday get together yet, which will be Dutch treat and would be in the same area.

     Cecil needs to secure this space and place a deposit; thus, we need to hear from you sooner than later. If I could hear from each of you directly with copies to Cecil by close of business November 24th, whether you most likely will attend the reunion on June 27th at the Dulles Airport location then we will have a rough count of how many to expect.

     We're going to have a wonderful time and Cecil is to be thanked for taking the bull by the horns and proposing this generous offer. Think of this reunion as a weekend getaway with thrills and chills from the 50s.

     Cecil is going to make available a hospitality suite at the Hilton available during the day for Friday and Saturday. For those flying in, to Dulles or other Washington area airports, there are easy ways to get to the Hilton. We will be sending additional contact information for the Hilton

     Hugs to everyone-let's get moving. my phone number is 202-253-9866 if anyone needs to chat and Cecil's number is 703.906.4845. Sandy Fletcher Hanbury, John and Sherry Kirby 540.554.2754.

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